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Glenfarclas – 105 Cask Strength 700ml

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Tasting Note: Nose: The youthful grape comes in clean, juicy bunches; the herbs and spices on a rack on the kitchen wall; Taste: Any lovers of the old Jennings books will here do a Mr Wilkins explosive snort as the magnificent barley-grape mix is propelled with the force of dynamite into the taste buds; survivors of this experience still able to speak may mention something about cocoa notes forming; Finish: Long, luxurious, with a pulsing vanilla-grape mix and a build up of spices; light oils intensify and elongate; Balance: I doubt if any restorative on the planet works quite as well as this one does. Or if any sherry cask whisky is so clean and full of the joys of Jerez. A classic malt which has upped a gear or two and has become exactly what it is: a whisky of pure brilliance… Score – 95.5. (Jim Murray, Whisky Bible, 2014)

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