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Mcclellands – Islay 750ml

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Tasting Note: Showing undeniable Islay character with warm golden honey colour, intense aromas of smoke, tar and charred wood; stronger flavours of peat smoke and initial sea salt on the palate with a malt sweetness and vanilla notes that bring balance; the finish is long and persistent. Serving Suggestion: Try this in the Islay Smokestack cocktail

ISLAY Smokestack

37.5ml Islay Whisky
12.5ml Gordons gin
Br Sp of Honey
25ml of Fresh pressed Apple Juice
2 Cardomon pods
Glug of egg white
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: 2 Dots of Angustora Bitters
Method: Muddle down Cardamon seeds(empty out of the skin and discard)
add liquids , stir in honey till it dissolves shake and triple strain
over cubed ice

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